is a not for profit organization promoting honesty, integrity and openness within the computer installation and repair marketplace. does not act as judge or jury nor is like the BBB but rather acts as an intermediary between the customer and the computer installation and repair company in an effort to assist both parties in resolving their differences.
Presently there are over 10,000 computer Software Programs/Hardware Components (SPHC) on the market. Because many of the SPHC’s don't undergo adequate testing against the thousands of existing SPHC, computers often experience unexpected "problems" including software crashes and hardware conflicts.
Your computer installation and repair company can alleviate but not always eliminate your computer problems. Your computer installation and repair company cannot always guarantee your computer will operate 100% according to the SPHC manufacturers' specifications (see paragraph above), but it can guarantee that your computer will operate at its full potential.
Membership in is for a period of one year and is by invitation only. Member companies which fail to address three or more complaints per year, are not invited to renew their memberships the following year.
When experiencing computer problems, it is important to keep in mind the following:
If you have a concern with work performed by an member company, please forward your complaint to We do our best to respond within twenty four hours.
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